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How To Chose The Right Gaming Chair

We recently purchased gaming chairs for everyone in the household (including the kids). This process took so much research to try and find the right one. We searched almost everywhere for the perfect chairs. Our definition of the perfect chair is one that reclines, has a high back, pillows (for extra lumbar and neck support) and does not have a bunch of crazy colors. Sounds like a reasonable request right?

Well it is not. We searched Wayfair, Amazon, Macy’s, Gamestop, Home Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. Each search result proved to be more upsetting than the last. Most of the lower end chairs (under $100.00) were for teens as the weight threshold was low or they were extremely expensive. The high end model gaming chairs ran upwards to about $400 – $600. These insane prices could be another gaming console, additional games, subscriptions for a years or even a potential mortgage/rent/car note payment. I understand that many will spend this amount and not think twice. While it is good to treat yourself every now and again (moderation) it is good to be sensible with your purchases.

Whenever we shop for an item we always set a price limit of what we are willing to spend. This allows us to spend time researching and while grabbing great deals. My recent deal that I just loved was purchasing Grand Theft Auto V for just $10.51. No coupons, no tricks and no gimmicks. It was delivered to the house for free and even had a code for $200,000 VC. I knew going in I wanted to spend less than $15.00 and I found that deal. The same ideology goes for any purchase that you make.

Our gaming chairs used the same exact method I mentioned above. We knew that we wanted to pay $100.00 or less a chair. I searched day in and day out for the perfect gaming chairs that met our requirements above. Then I stumbled upon a deal of a lifetime on Amazon. We purchased two full-size gaming chairs for $108.00 (shipped to our front door). An absolute crazy deal. It is totally possible to set a price point and then find your ideal or perfect chair. These are our actual chairs:

To find the perfect gaming chair you have to set your price point, then research the heck out of every website to see who has the best deal. For us that ended up being Amazon. I loved how we could search products from numerous vendors and select exactly what we liked. I get that everyone is not for a full on treasure hunt. So, I am listing some of my current favs that are available for under $100.00 (pre-tax):

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