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Hello Everyone,

We hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season and have caught many great deals. We did not post any hot deals during the holiday shopping season simply because there were already so many wonderful companies and blogs that do an excellent job at it. Our goal here on our blog is for find obscure deals that many may not be aware of. Today’s hot deal notice goes to Yesterday, Target had a deal where select video games were buy two and get one free. This was an amazing deal but at the time they did not price match other competitors due to the holiday shopping season. We decided to wait until today 12/8/2019 when the price matching policy was active again to purchase. This week there are three great sales going on.

The first is the one in the title. If you purchase two copies any of these six titles listed below you get a $50.00 gift card back. All of these titles are available on various platforms.

To get Rainbow Six Siege for $4.99 each you would purchase two copies at $39.99 each which brings your total to $79.98 plus applicable sales tax. You receive a $50.00 Target gift card back instantly for your purchase. This will bring your total spent to $29.98. Then have Target to price match their competitor ( for this game which is currently being sold online for $19.93. After price matching your purchase yo total price paid for both copies will be $4.99 or $9.98 total (plus tax)!!! This price matching deal may also work with other titles on this list above. Check Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy for cost comparisons before heading in or shopping online.

The second deal is with 100’s of games being 50% OFF. Crazy I know right.

The first Target we went to they had the boxes set up like this one below but there were no games in as of yet. We went to the Target closer to our home and they had them out and ready for picking. The boxes had XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC games ranging from $19.99 to about $39.99. Each were 50% off of their sticker price. This is deal worth it because you can get tons of great titles for just $10 or $20.00 after the markdown.

What The 50% Off Bins Look Like In-Store –

The third deal has a bunch of top video games on sale:

All of these games are great for you or any of your loved ones. They are also perfect to add as gifts for this holiday season. As with all of the deals mentioned above remember to price match them, use any Target coupons available and your Target red card for an additional 5% OFF your purchases. These deals do not have rain checks and once the supply is gone that is it. If you see a title you have been waiting on or come across one in the bins do not delay. Add it to the cart and checkout!

Have Fun Shopping!

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of various companies. If you decide to purchase products through our links we get a little something in return. The funds received will be used to improve our content. Thank you for allowing us to share and for your time.

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