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SKYTECH GAMING IS AWESOME!!! – $799.99 ArchAngel 3.0

Hello Everyone,

I do not believe that we have ever chatted about our PC set up before. However, prior to December let’s just say that there were plenty of frustrating nights trying to play games and stream at the same time. I (Mrs. Evans) had the world’s worst HP running an i3 processor. Do not laugh at this purchase please. There is a guy at our local best buy who will say almost anything to get a sale out of you. He is a professional fast talker and he told me that my i3 could run games.. LOL! I was such a noob a couple years back. My old PC made Fortnite look like an 8 bit game. Needless to say that we did not head back there for any gaming computer needs.

We also did not go with another popular brand we chose in the past because the out of the box specs were not super spectacular when compared to other companies and they charged a hefty sum for shipping too. My husband’s last gaming PC purchased from them over 5 years ago cost right around $1200.00 delivered. We felt like all these years later nothing changed with their price points and we were paying more for the brand name rather than for what was inside of it.

After hefty research we came across the Sky Tech Gaming brand. Their website is and as the title says they are awesome! Where do we start.. Their website is very user friendly and displays all of the specs right on the page with pricing. We are able to do a price and spec comparisons with ease. After comparing specs we decided to go wit h the Archangel 3.0 series.



Now we have seen similar gaming pc’s sell for a hefty price with similar specs this beauty sold for just $749.99 during black Friday/cyber Monday with shipping included in the price. That is right folks no extra taxes or shipping fees. Now that the holiday sale is over it is being sold for $799.99 but even with that price it is still not a bad deal. We purchased two gaming pc’s from for us and gave the other two gaming pc’s we had to our children (don’t worry the i3 was no where in that exchange). shipped our order out within 3 business days and it was delivered to our front door on 12/2/2019. It arrived well packaged with a set up guide, warranty and came inside of a cloth dust bag. The inside of the computer was secured with expandable foam packs which were easy to remove. The RGB setup guide for the fans is simple to use with the button located on the top front of the case. After plugging the unit up, setting up Windows we noticed and appreciated that Sky Tech Gaming did not add a bunch of additional bloatware on the pcs. They are quieter than our older pc’s too. Skytech Gaming was also nice enough to provide a tech support option through team viewer and additional software for testing. When you sit back and look at the comparable units on the market or trying to build one yourself, you will notice hands down that SkyTech Gaming has done an amazing job on pricing. We love supporting companies and brands like this who see a gap in the market and come in a provide a quality product at an amazing price point.

We will be honest and say that SkyTech Gaming does not always answer their actual phone. This was a bit alarming for us at first however it goes away once you text or email them. They typically respond back within 1-2 hours. We assumed that this was due to it being a smaller company and being extremely busy. Do not let this discourage you from purchasing though. The pc’s and overall customer service is great! We are so happy to have found SkyTech Gaming and are thrilled with our new PC’s.

Thank you for allowing us to share and for your time.

The Evans Family