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HOT DEAL: JOUNIVO USB Microphone Computer Cardioid Condenser Microphone

As you know we are always doing our best to improve our streams. Our last microphones were great for starting out but we quickly realized that we needed upgrades. Over the past 72 hours we searched Amazon like crazy. Comparing different brands, their capabilities and price points. We managed to narrow this down to our top six, then our top three and then the final choice.

We opted to go with the Jounivo USB Microphone JV901. The Jounivo usb cardioid microphone is plug in and play and ready for both MAC and PC setups. It features volume and mute controls on the microphone too. Just a great quality microphone for the cost. Both microphones were delivered in 24 hours via Amazon’s prime service. They were packaged in perfect condition and ready to use right out the box. Setup was less than five minutes and our pc’s recognized them instantly.

Next we opted to run a few tests using streamlabs obs (the service we use during streaming). We were simply blown away by the quality and sound of the microphone.These models are right on par with the more expensive brands such as Razer or Yeti. Save money and purchase this brand instead. They offer two different models which are shown below. Also check out the video of our live stream below using this microphone.

Right now Amazon has them on sale today stating at just $28.99. It is good for live video game streaming as well as recording. Hurry this hot deal will not last long:

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