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Our September 2019 HOT DEAL Favs!

We are constantly on the lookout for any and all gaming deals. These are our current list of video game favorites that we have found this month and purchased.

Circuit City Batteries & Charger (Don’t Laugh. This is Legit). These batteries are 2500MAH each and last for about three days in between uses. Perfect for gaming. We charge ours using our gaming console or pc with its USB port. We also purchased two Elgato Stream Deck Mini’s from our local Best Buy when they had them on sale for $49.99 each. They have since went back up to $99.99. We were able to find refurbished units on Amazon for just $59.99. They are selling for new for around $75.00.

AH18 XBOX One Headset. This headset we actually purchased for our children. It arrived in excellent condition at an amazing price point. They are currently $19.99 and if you are a prime member you can save an additional 5% off. If you want to save even more they have some used in good condition for just $10.00 each:

Angetube 1080p Webcam. This webcam costs a fraction of the more expensive brands. It works pretty well considering it is not high end. It is manual focus and has be be adjusted by turn the front lens. You can see the adjustment by using the webcam feature on your pc or your xbox. This camera works perfectly for streaming and xbox systems. It does not work for PS4. We purchased two of these to stream with and so far they work amazingly.

This keyboard, mouse and extra large mouse pad have the high end feel of razer brand products but for a fraction of the cost. We each purchased them and they have worked amazingly so far.





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